BEP 325 – Phát triển kinh doanh 1: Kết nối với khách hàng

Tiếng anh bán hàng - BEP 325 Phát triển kinh doanh 1

Chào đón trở lại Tiếng Anh thương mại cho bài học hôm nay về how to talk with customers in English. Potential customers, đó là.

If you work in sales or business development, a big part of your job is meeting new people in search of new customers. That might include cold-calling, where you phone someone at work or drop by their office. But often this kind of networking takes place at events, like conferences, forums, and pretty much anywhere else you have a lot of people in one place.

At these events, you don’t usually begin a conversation talking about business. Thay thế, you talk about the weather, or sports, or other non-work topics. This is where socializing in English and doing business in English are closely connected. You’ve got to break the ice socially before you introduce your company, the work that you do, and other clients. And then you’ve got to lead into talking about the customer’s needs and asking to follow up at a later time. The trick is doing this naturally.

Trong hộp thoại ngày hôm nay, chúng tôi sẽ nghe thấy Nick, người làm việc trong lĩnh vực phát triển kinh doanh cho một công ty tư vấn nhân sự. Nick is at a dinner event during a big HR conference. He is seated at a table with Andria. Nick clearly demonstrates how an English sales conversation works, as he identifies Andria as a potential customer.

Câu hỏi nghe

1. How does Nick introduce his company?
2. What do Nick’s company and Andria’s company have in common?
3. What does Nick ask to identify a gap in Andria’s HR strategy?

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BEP 318 – Kinh doanh xã hội hóa: Đăng ký với khách hàng (2)

Tiếng Anh thương mại 318 BÀI HỌC - Socializing with Clients in English 2

Chào mừng bạn quay trở lại với Business English Pod cho bài học hôm nay về socializing in English with your clients on the phone.

There’s an old saying that you should never mix business and pleasure. Và chắc chắn, it might not be a good idea to get too close to your customers and clients. But if you are all business, and you shy away from anything personal, you’ll seem cold. And people won’t connect with you.

Cuối cùng, you have to find the right balance. You want to be personable, but not nosy. You want to be friendly, but not pushy. And you have to take your time. A conversation with a new customer will be naturally more formal than with an established one. That’s true not only in person, but on the phone as well.

Trong bài học cuối cùng của chúng tôi, we learned about paying a visit to a client’s office. Hôm nay, we’ll look at checking in with a client by phone. Như bạn sẽ nghe, we often make friendly conversation at the beginning of the call, and you might find yourself showing understanding of a client’s personal situation. But eventually you’ll want to switch from the personal to business. And once you’re talking business, you might mention personal connections, gauge needs, and discuss developments in your industry. This is all part of maintaining and building a relationship with your client.

Trong hộp thoại ngày hôm nay, we’ll rejoin Markus, an account manager for a company that sells servers. Markus is calling up a client named Jana. He wants to check in with her, find out how she’s doing, and see if she needs anything. And you’ll hear him strike a balance between business and personal issues.

Câu hỏi nghe

1. Jana mentions a personal issue at the start of the conversation. Nó là gì?
2. When Markus switches from personal matters to business, what topic does he mention?
3. How does Markus ask Jana about their server needs?

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BEP 317 – Kinh doanh xã hội hóa: Đăng ký với khách hàng (1)

Tiếng Anh thương mại 317 - English for Socializing with Clients 1

Chào mừng bạn quay trở lại với Business English Pod cho bài học hôm nay về socializing in English with your clients.

Business is all about relationships. And the stronger your relationships are, especially with customers or clients, the more successful you’ll be. This is why we call up our customers or drop by their office. Sometimes we’ve got important business to take care of, but sometimes all we need to do is say hello and check in.

Trong thực tế, visiting with clients often sounds like a chat between friends. We might talk about sports, about family, about travel, or about mutual friends. Tất nhiên, it takes a while to get to this level with a customer. But once we’re there, our conversations are likely to be an interesting mix of the personal and professional.

Bouncing between these two modes naturally is the secret to the client visit. You might find yourself starting out by introducing some interesting piece of news. Ở một điểm nào đó, you may want to gauge the client’s satisfaction with your products or services. And the conversation may also turn naturally to gossiping about the competition. If a client needs a decision or information, you may have to promise to check back on it. Và cuối cùng, you might want to make a social invitation, and move the relationship-building out of the office.

Trong hộp thoại ngày hôm nay, we’ll hear Markus, who works as an account manager for a company that sells computer servers. He is visiting the offices of one of his clients, a large Internet service provider. We’ll hear Markus chatting with Jose, his main client contact, and Tricia, another manager.

Câu hỏi nghe

1. What news does Markus deliver to Jose?
2. What does Markus say about his company’s competitor?
3. What does Markus offer to do next Friday?

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925 Bài học tiếng Anh 15 – Cách nói về gia đình bạn

YouTube video

Hôm nay 925 bài học tiếng Anh, we’re going to learn how to talk about your family in English.

Trong kinh doanh, and in life, everything is about relationships. And to build relationships, we often talk about our background and our personal life. Tất nhiên, you can’t get too personal, but family is a topic that everyone loves to discuss. For most people, family is the reason they work so hard in the first place!

925 Tiếng Anh is a new series of English lessons for beginners. 925 English lessons focus on English expressions that you can use in work and business. Mỗi 925 English lesson features English phrases and expressions you can use in different situations and tips on why and how we use them in Tiếng Anh thương mại.

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Kỹ năng 360 – Khai thác tối đa Hội nghị (Phần 2)

Kỹ năng tiếng Anh thương mại 360 - Hội nghị 2

Chào mừng trở lại Kỹ năng 360 cho bài học hôm nay về cách tận dụng tối đa hội nghị.

Một số người xem hội nghị là một cách để rời khỏi văn phòng trong vài ngày và nghỉ ngơi. Và chắc chắn, sẽ rất hữu ích nếu bạn lùi lại sau công việc hàng ngày và học hỏi điều gì đó, hoặc phản ánh về công việc và doanh nghiệp của bạn. Nhưng nếu bạn thực sự muốn tận dụng tối đa một hội nghị, bạn nên xem nó không chỉ là một cơ hội học tập. Ý tôi là, nếu bạn có hàng trăm hoặc thậm chí hàng nghìn người ở một nơi muốn kết nối với những người khác, đó là một cơ hội vàng để kết nối.

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