Kỹ năng 360 – Làm thế nào để ảnh hưởng đến mọi người (2)

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Business English for Influencing People 2

Chào mừng trở lại với Kỹ năng 360 for today’s lesson on language and techniques for influencing people.

The power to influence can allow you to do many wonderful things, such as lead people, change their minds, motivate them to action, and negotiate successfully. These are abilities that can help you in life and in business. Hiện nay, it might seem like some people naturally have more influence than others, but that’s not always the case. Many powerful people have learned how to influence people using specific techniques.

Trong chúng tôi bài học cuối cùng, we had a look at what you should talk about and how you should talk about it. Hôm nay, I want to take a closer look at some language techniques that can open the door to greater influence. And these techniques all help build rapport or trust with the person you’re talking to.

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