BEP 138 – Thành ngữ chèo thuyền: Hiệu suất công ty (1)

Trong tập phim tiếng Anh thương mại này, we’re going to look at how thành ngữ kinh doanh related to ships and sailing can be used to describe company performance.

The image of a ship is a powerful one in business. The ship is like a companya huge entity that must be steered toward success, maintained properly, and carefully guided away from dangers like storms and rocks. Employees are often seen as a crew of sailors, a group that must work together as a team. So sailing idioms frequently appear when we discuss business in English.

Today’s episode starts a two-part series on sailing idioms. Lakisha and Warren are two colleagues discussing the decline of Trussock’s, an engineering firm that has been faltering since a new CEO took over.

Câu hỏi nghe

1) What are the major differences between Trussock’s old CEO and the new CEO?
2) What do Lakisha and Warren think will help change the situation at Trussock’s?

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  2. Chào bạn,
    I just would like to thank you for your program (BEP), I really liked this lesson and I can’t wait for (phần 2)to be released , thanks for the clarity of the audio & Pdf .
    More lessons like this one would be greatfulthumbs up” 10/10 .

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