BEP 128 – Điện thoại: Xử lý các cuộc gọi bán hàng

We’ve looked before at how to set up an appointment on the phone with someone you already know (BEP 119), but what about if you haven’t met the person or established a relationship with them yet? In today’s Business English Podcast, we’ll be looking at how to make contact with a prospective client and, on the opposite end of the line, we’ll examine language you can use to politely decline a request for information or a meeting.

We’ve already met Mario from Viva Fashions in previous episodes. Now Mario wants to meet with the head buyer for a chain of American stores owned by DeBourg Brands but, at this point, he doesn’t even know the buyer’s name. Mario is going to “cold call” the company and see if he can reach the buyer. Đầu tiên, he needs a name, and then he needs to try to speak to the buyer to make an appointment.

Câu hỏi nghe – First Call:
1) What techniques does Mario use to get information from Joan?
2) Why do you think Joan agrees to help Mario?

Câu hỏi nghe – Second Call:
1) Why does Mario keep saying “thank you” instead of “please” after making a request?
2) What language does Mario use when stating the reason for his call, và tại sao?
3) Throughout the conversation, Mario uses informal language to minimize his request. Can you spot a few examples?

Thành viên cao cấp: Ghi chú học tập | Câu đố trực tuyến | Cụm từ | Mô-đun bài học

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  1. I really enjoyed your lessons its very very useful for me to make a business calls. thank you so much for your lessons that you make .i was wondering about these lessons.
    thanks again

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