BEP 98 – đàm phán: Chiến lược đàm phán (Phần 1)

This is the beginning of a new Business English Podcast series on the skills and language of negotiating in English.

Over the coming months we’ll explore the topic in a series of podcasts that examine several typical business negotiations and the language used in each stage of the process.

Today’s show is the first in a two-part sequence on the fundamentals of negotiation strategy. We will be hearing an interview with experienced management consultant Brian Fields. Brian discusses key concepts and important strategic considerations. The dialog teaches us both useful vocabulary and helpful skills.

Câu hỏi nghe

1) What are the top mistakes people make in a negotiation?
2) What is a BATNA, hoặc “best alternative to a negotiated agreement?”
3) What does Brian think about the idea of “đôi bên cùng có lợi” đàm phán

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9 suy nghĩ về “BEP 98 – đàm phán: Chiến lược đàm phán (Phần 1)”

  1. 1. The mistakes are an overemphasis on price thinks like
    Should I put the first number on the table or wait for
    them to ake the first move?

    2. BATNER is what you will do if you don’t come to an

    3. My bottom line is lower than the highest price the buyer
    is willing to pay.

  2. Is there any way of downloading the podcasts to the computer? I use them in my classes and sometimes either the internet connection is too low or we don´t have at all.

    Cảm ơn!

  3. hi Rocio, what I do to save them on my computer is to click on the download link, and it leads you to a quick time player, select the whole website address and copy it, after that, I open my windows media player, display the file menu, there is an option that says url address, click on that, a new window pops up and paste the website address there, accept , the player will instantly start to play it. Sau đó, display the file menu again and click on save. that’s how I save them.

  4. There’s a lot simpler way to save/download an MP3 filejust đúng-click on the ‘downloadlink at the bottom of each post and then select ‘save target asto download the file and save it to your computer.

  5. I think this website is very good for ENGLISH learners to improve listening comprehension. I almost listened all the podcast here on this web. it’s quite great. Thank you businessenglishpocast so much.


    I’d like to cooperate with your company to expan the market if you’re intereted in. Because China is the very big market of English learning.

  6. This session is very significant for promoting oneself in learning business english communication. People who are not enough efficient in Business English should learn through exersing this session. I think it is the good opportunity for developing our communication capacity of English.

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