BEP 96 – Giao tiếp xã hội: Bữa ăn kinh doanh

In most parts of the world, having lunch or dinner together is an important part of doing business. In places such as North America, eating meals is a way of building a relationship or celebrating a partnership. And in other cultures, such as China, much of the real work of making deals actually often gets done over the dinner table.

No matter where you are doing business, it’s important to be able to handle the basics of dining out. This includes ordering food, recommending dishes, proposing a toast, and paying for the check, among other things. These skills will be the focus of this episode.

Trong nghe, we continue to follow Mario and Francesca, who represent the Italian fashion company Viva, on their visit to the U.S. As planned, they are having dinner in Las Vegas with their distributor Adriana, who works at the American company Foxtrot. Bill, one of their new customers, has also joined them.

When the dialog begins, the group has already made some small talk and looked at the menu. Now they are ready to order.

Câu hỏi nghe:

1) Why doesn’t Francesca want to try thesteak tartare?”
2) How does Francesca signal that she’s ready to go back to the hotel?
3) Who pays for the meal?

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5 thoughts on “BEP 96 – Giao tiếp xã hội: Bữa ăn kinh doanh”

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  2. Every Episode deserves five stars! Topics are interesting and practical so I can always get surprise here! Thanks BEP for helping me go through my first few months studying in Manchester.

  3. BusinessEnhlishpod is wonderful website for those who want to improve not only English but also softskills needed for business world. Cảm ơn rất nhiều!

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