BEP 77 – tiếng Anh thông thường: Giao lưu sau giờ làm việc

In many countries, having a drink after work with colleagues is a popular way to relax: This kind of socializing helps us get to know each other and to build team spirit. To attract customers who are just getting off work, many bars and clubs have ahappy hour.This is a promotion in the early evening, usually lasting an hour or so, when pubs and bars offer a special prices on drinks, nhu la “buy one get one free” hoặc “all drinks half price.So in this business English podcast, we will explore language that we can use to socialize with colleagues during happy hour or during other informal occasions.

Whether you drink alcohol or not, in many places around the world you will likely be invited to the bar or pub with colleagues. It’s important to know how to offer to buy drinks for others and how to make polite excuses when you’ve had enough or when it’s time to go. The same skills are also useful for other types of after-work social activities.

Trong hộp thoại, we join Greg, a manager, and three people in his teamJoanna, Gary, và Ben – as they order.

Câu hỏi nghe:

1) Who is paying for the first round of drinks? How can you tell?
2) Who is the person who doesn’t drink?
3) When it’s time for her to go, what excuse does Joanna make?

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