BEP 61 – Thành ngữ thể thao Mỹ trong một cuộc họp kinh doanh

This is the first in a series of Business English Practice Pods that review and extend the language that is covered in the regular podcast. Practice pod dialogs will revise key language but in different situations. Cũng thế, they give you more opportunities to practice what you’ve learned.

We’ll hear several idioms from Thành ngữ thể thao 1 (BEP 57) Và 2 (BEP 58) being used in a new context in today’s dialog:

to play ball
to stall for time
to keep/have one’s eye on the ball
to step up to the plate

We’ll see how these idioms are useful in a different context, a business meeting. After the dialog, we’ll hear some further example phrases and then have a chance to practice using these idioms. Jen, Ken and Ryan of Ambient are in a marketing meeting discussing Accent’s recent buyout of Telstar.

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