BEP 45 – Giao tiếp xã hội: Tiếp tục cuộc trò chuyện

This is the second in a two-part intermediate Business English Pod lesson on the basics of socializing and networking. Last time you learned ways to start and finish a conversation appropriately. Today you’ll be studying how to keep a conversation going by maintaining interest.

The listening continues on from dialogue 1 from last time: Như bạn sẽ nhớ, it takes place at the Asia-Pacific HR conference for Multi-Fresh, a global producer of health beverages. Penny””an HR officer from Kuala Lumpur””has struck up a conversation with George””the regional learning and development manager. Where we left off last time, Penny had just used a tag question”-Interesting speech, wasn’t it?Giáo dục – to help get the conversation started.

Khi bạn lắng nghe, cố gắng trả lời các câu hỏi sau. The answers will be posted in a few days on the Listening Quiz page.

1) Near the beginning of the dialogue, Penny changes the subject. What was the old subject and what is the new subject?
2) Where has Penny seen George before?
3) What is George’s hobby?
4) What does George mean when he says “It’s not really such a big deal.”
5) Is Penny going to join George in next year’s event?

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8 thoughts on “BEP 45 – Giao tiếp xã hội: Tiếp tục cuộc trò chuyện”

  1. Please send me the transcripts of BEP 45 INT – Giao tiếp xã hội: Keeping a conversation going and BEP053SN_Complaints1. Cảm ơn rất nhiều.

  2. You can get these transcripts and a whole lot more by signing up as a premium member.

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    Online review exercises will also be added to the site in July. These will feature interactive exercises for listening, language and speaking practice.

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  3. It seems apparent in all things that good manners is at the very basis for dealing with others, whether it be in conversations, handling complaints or just getting along at the office.

    The School system really needs to do more at ensuring our kids have good manners before they graduate as a necessary skill. Its required in the real world

    Cảm ơn!

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