BEP 38 – Mô tả một thủ tục bằng tiếng Anh

In this Business English Podcast lesson we look at how to explain or describe a procedure. We’ll also look at some common computer vocabulary.

In our jobs, we often have to tell people about procedures and processesexplaining how to do something. This can be more formalfor example giving government visitors a demonstration of a production lineor informalfor example showing a colleague how to use the photocopier.

Today’s dialogue is a common situation where describing a procedure is usefulgiving someone help. It takes place at Elektra, a fashion design company. You’ll hear Sandy, an accountant, call Felipe, who works in the IT department. Sandy is having a problem with her computer and Felipe describes to her the procedure for fixing it.

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  2. Since I started working with Business English Pod all I have encountered with have been accomplishments. Thanks for the wonderful materials you offer to all of us who teach English.
    Keep on this way!!!

  3. I would like to sincerely thank for the fantastic work they have been doing.

    The podcasts have helped me to prepare well for my interviews, đàm phán, và, luckily for me, following presentations.

    I hope that team continues to deliver such quality podcasts and other learning materials, so we, professionals on the move, could be upgrading our premium memberships on a regular basis.

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