Bản tin kinh doanh 05 – Cuộc họp ảo

How do you conduct your meetings? Face-to-face, trên điện thoại, by videoconference or maybe even using VOIP/Skype? Tốt, now there is a new way – cuộc họp ảo, or meetings where participants are represented by computer generated characters.

Listen to how IBM is using the virtual world of a website called Second Life as the next best thing to in person corporate meetings. After listening to the article, we’ll highlight some of the new vocabulary and provide definitions and further examples.

PDF Transcript: Study Notes

Download: Podcast MP3

2 thoughts on “Business News 05 – Cuộc họp ảo”

  1. I think your site is great and very very helpful for students. I have a question: How can I download previous podcasts, such as this one (Bản tin kinh doanh 05) using ITunes. Apparently I can only download it using Quick Time, but then I don’t have it into iTunes library.
    Thanks a bundle

  2. phản hồi: Cuộc họp ảo | Baker Street School

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