925 Урок английского 44 – Фразовые глаголы с падением

925 Урок английского 44 - English Phrasal Verbs using Drop

Добро пожаловать обратно в 925 Английский еще один урок по английским фразовым глаголам. In today’s lesson we’re going to look at phrasal verbs using the verb “drop.”

As you may already know, a phrasal verb is an expression with a verb and a preposition. Например, we say “turn on” and “turn off” a light or computer. From these common examples, you can see that one verb might combine with different prepositions to make different meanings. And in this lesson, we’ll look at how different prepositions combine with the verb “drop” to form some common expressions.

925 Английский - это серия Английское видео lessons for beginners (CEFR level A2). With 925 English you can learn business English выражения и фразовые глаголы.

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