БЭП 289 – Навыки собеседования на английском языке 1: Говоря об опыте

БЭП 289 - Английский для собеседований: Обсуждение предыдущего опыта

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on talking about your work experience during a собеседование на английском языке.

An interview in english might just be one of the most stressful experiences in our working lives. Ставки высоки, because there’s a job on the line. And it’s our one and only shot to show people why they should choose us over all the other applicants.

So how do you convince someone you’re the best candidate? Хорошо, you need to answer their questions, конечно. But you also need to look behind the questions to see what the interviewer is trying to learn about you. And you need to take the questions as opportunities to impress.

к счастью, there are techniques and language you can learn to help you make a great impression. You can highlight transferable learning from your previous experience. You can also highlight accomplishments and their impact as well as describing your personality. И наконец, you can show why you want to work for the company. На сегодняшнем уроке, we’ll learn how to use these techniques in a job interview.

В диалоге, you’ll hear Ryan, who’s интервью на английском языке for a job at a large software company. Two managers from the companySandra and Victorare asking questions about Ryan’s experience and personality.

Вопросы для прослушивания

1. What does Ryan say he learned at his previous job?
2. Ryan describes one of his accomplishments. What does he say was the impact of that accomplishment?
3. How does Ryan describe his own personality?

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