БЭП 231 – Обсуждая экономику (Часть 1)

Welcome back to Business English Pod today’s lesson on discussing the экономика.

Listen to the news, the politicians, or your coworkers, and what do you hear them talking about? The economy. It’s up or it’s down. It’s good or it’s bad. Conditions are improving or getting worse. And it’s important to us because as the economy goes, so goes our business and careers.

But what do people mean when they say the economy? Is there only one economy? Что ж, in this global age, the economy often refers to the world economy. But we also say the economy to talk about a specific country, whether it’s our own or another country we’re doing business with. На этом уроке, you’ll hear about a few different economies and you’ll learn some common expressions used to discuss economic conditions.

Прежде чем мы послушаем, let’s talk a little about словосочетания. Словосочетание - это группа слов, которые носители языка часто используют вместе. Правильное словосочетание звучит естественно, в то время как неправильное словосочетание звучит неестественно. Например, in English we say “go online” to talk about using the Internet. But we can’t say “proceed online” or “travel online,” even though “proceed” and “travel” mean “go.” Those simply aren’t natural expressions.

В сегодняшнем диалоге вы услышите много полезных словосочетаний. Как вы слушаете, попробуйте выбрать эти естественные комбинации слов. Затем мы объясним, что они означают и как использовать их при подведении итогов..

We’re going to hear a conversation between David and Gordon, two expats working in Southeast Asia. David has been around for several years and is familiar with the economic situation. Gordon is new to the region and has recently completed a tour of Vietnam, Камбоджа, и Бирма.

Вопросы для прослушивания

1. What does David say the government of Vietnam has done well?
2. What is happening to the labor force in Vietnam?
3. What is one of the problems in Vietnam mentioned by the speakers?

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