Навыки 360 – Советы для вашего первого собеседования: Сложные вопросы

Добро пожаловать обратно в Бизнес навыки 360 – подкаст, который смотрит на другую сторону делового английского.

This is the fourth and final part in our 360 сериал о вашем первом собеседовании. Today we’re going to tackle a few of those really tough questions that interviewers like to ask.

Getting ready. That’s the key. You need to spend time preparing for your interview and crafting good answers to the questions you’re going to face. I’ll go through five common difficult questions today and you can prepare your answers.

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10 мысли о «Навыках 360 – Советы для вашего первого собеседования: Сложные вопросы”

  1. Tim, thanks for the tips. last time I was asked the question ”Расскажи мне о себе” I didn’t realize what the interviewer meant to say and I got surprised why would he like to know about my personal life? I was like divided whether to talk about myself or let him discover the of person Iam. But now it is clearer that he wanted to know my plans whithin the company if I was hired.


  2. Всем привет ! i am sorry to bother you, can i ask you for a favor. I’m a Vietnamese student. I’m practicing English listening, but there are a lot of words i dont knowThanks very much!

  3. You got it right! preparation is the key to every job interview and I can prove that based on my experience. Well I was kind of surprise when the interviewee asked me question that I didn’t expect that would come up, к счастью, I was able to think about something and I don’t know if that answer is correct. I guess I wasn’t good enough for that position because I haven’t got the job. But I still don’t lose hope and I would definitely follow your tips and to look on back on my mistakes from my previous job interview. Так держать!

  4. Thank you so much for the informationThis really helps me in my interview todayI take note all the tips that you given and it really helps me in my job interview today..And I am happy to announce that i am hired!!

  5. Very nice and interesting approach. Very helpful and useful tips, it made business easy and make my english study fun. Thanks very much for the wonderful podcast

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