Деловые новости 11 – Запуск iPhone

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Сегодня, were talking about Apple’s new mobile phone: the iPhone. Actually it’s a combination of phone, iPod and internet browser all rolled into one gadget. We’ll be looking at the hypeor massive publicitysurrounding the launch of the iPhone and taking a closer look at the marketing vocabulary we use to describe product launches and the retail market.

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9 thoughts on “Business News 11 – Запуск iPhone”

  1. I am a French G.M. living in Dubai. I need to improve my english and I am Listening every week your podcast.
    I congratulate you for your very good work.

  2. Hi Dominique,
    Great to hear the podcast is useful.
    Let us know if there are any topics you’d like to see covered in future podcastswe’re always interested in suggestions from listeners.

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  4. I’m a new commer here. And I’m trying to improve my listenning. So this web is so useful although I must say that I’m really not good at listening. Perhaph anyone could tell me how to listen well. Thank so much.

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