BEP 55 – Деловая поездка: Вылет из аэропорта и взлет

This Business English Podcast lesson is the first in a series of shows that will follow an employee of a manufacturing company on a training trip to the U.S. Over the series, we’ll practice many situations that will be useful for you on your business trips overseas, including going through immigration, renting a car, checking into a hotel, using wireless internet and so on.

The main character in our story is Alan Chen. He works for a major multinational electronics manufacturer, окружающий, which is headquartered in Michigan in the USA. Having recently received a promotion, Alan is going to America to learn 6 Sigma, which is a system for improving quality.

Today’s episode starts at the beginning of the business trip withboarding the airplane.

Вопросы для прослушивания

1) What row are Alan and Honesto sitting in?
2) What should passengers turn off before the plane takes off?
3) What does Alan mean bymurder a scotch.

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  2. Hi, I appreciate a lot the content of this material. Whereas am desperately looking for some stuff concerning airport announcements. Can someone give me a hint how to get them? Thanks in advance.

    Best regards

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