Навыки делового английского 360 Уроки

Изучите деловой английский и навыки управления с Навыки и умения 360 подкаст.

Навыки и умения 360 lessons are focused on the other side of business English. Другими словами: essential soft skills that are often overlooked in traditional language learning. Through practical tips and strategies, you’ll gain valuable insights into effective communication и management skills.

Our lessons cover a range of topics, including leadership, negotiation, презентация, meeting management, networking, время, and time management. By exploring these lessons, you can gain insights into different leadership styles, negotiation strategies, effective presentation techniques, и более. You can learn how to adapt your approach and build trust with team members and develop the management skills you need to progress.

Use the links below to access the 90+ Навыки и умения 360 business English lessons we have released to date:

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