BEP 116 – Presentations: Analyzing Trends

In this Business English Pod episode, we’ll be completing our discussion of charts and graphs by studying language for making predictions and for supporting your predictions with analysis. We’ll also look at a couple of advanced ways to rhetorically emphasize a point. Rhetorical means using words effectively to get your message across.

Today’s listening continues Pat’s presentation of the market trends for Ambient and its competitors. This time Pat is coming to the “real story” – the main point – of his presentation. As you listen, see if you can catch what it is.

Listening Questions

1) What is the main focus of this part of Pat’s presentation?
2) What happened in 2005 that caused the trend in RPU to “break out” of “existing trend lines?”
3) What are Pat’s predictions for Ambient’s RPU in 2007?

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