New Version Available Now – Business English App

A new version of our Business English App is now available in the app store in the App Store: Download / Update

To update your app, open your App Store app on your device and go to the ‘Updates’ tab. Tap the ‘Update’ button next to the BEP app entry and your app will start updating.

Version 1.1 includes the 2 most requested features:

1. Ability to play/listen to audio when the device screen is locked.
2. Ability to play/listen to audio when the app is running in the background (ie. when another app such is open on your screen).

How to Restore your Previous Purchases After Upgrading

Mobile Learning with Business English Pod

*** Download our free Business English App for iPhone & IPad: Download from the App Store

Check out the latest developments in mobile learning from Business English Pod:

Learn business English on your mobile or iPad Learn business English on your mobile or laptop

If you’re looking at these demos and saying to yourself, ‘they look pretty much the same as the normal quizzes’, that’s exactly the point. For the first time we can bring all the interactive features of our Flash quizzes and make them available in HTML5 quizzes for mobile platforms.

Course Builder – Create Personalized Courses

Introducing Course Builder: search, select & save lessons into your own personalized course.

With hundreds of lessons on BEP to choose from, Course Builder provides a quick and easy way for members to organise the resources into courses based on their preferences and needs. Users can search for lessons by topic or custom search queries and select individual lessons they want to study. These lesson can then be dragged into your preferred order and saved as a course which is exclusively available to you and easily accessible from the Course Builder page.

Course Builder is available to all premium members.

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