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On Tue, Jun 27, 2023 at 8:23 PM Peter Atkinson wrote:
From: Peter Atkinson Subject: Translations stopped working.

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Just noticed that automatic translations stopped working on our site in March this year. Recent post are only partial translated (mainly only the post title, which I’m guessing is from existing translation strings), eg:

BEP 398 – English for Sales: Financial Services (2)

My IT support didn’t see any errors when updating a post, but in wp-post edit screen, all I see on publish in the Transposh panel is: Publication happened – loading phrases list… In this window, i used to see a scrolling display of translated text.

I haven’t changed any settings in Transposh admin for years. I set up a Google API years ago, but I do notice on the Translation Engines tab that none of the engines are selectable.

Any suggest or help would be appreciated.


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