BEP 266 – Presenting Numbers in English (Part 1)

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on presenting numbers in English.

In business, numbers are everywhere. Whether you work in sales, marketing, finance, or management, you deal with them all the time. You’ve got data, metrics, projections, and results, all expressed in numbers. We read about numbers, we discuss numbers, and we often have to stand up in front of our colleagues, our clients, or our bosses and present numbers.

Giving a presentation in English about anything can be challenging. Giving a presentation about numbers and data can be especially difficult. You have to describe those numbers, to interpret them, and to connect them to ideas and decisions. In today’s lesson, we’ll begin looking at some techniques for this situation. We’ll learn how to approximate and how to describe change. We’ll also learn how to talk about increases and decreases, as well as how to compare and contrast numbers.

In the dialog, we will hear Toni, who works in marketing for a large grocery chain called Foresters. Toni is giving a presentation about the outcomes of a new promotional campaign targeting the young singles market. We’ll also hear Ellen and William, two executives with Foresters.

Listening Questions

1. What does Toni say has improved as a result of the company’s national campaign?
2. What decreased as a result of the national campaign?
3. What two things does Toni say increased at the test stores?

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