BEP 255 – English for Meetings: Decision-Making Meetings (2)

Business English Meetings - Making Decisions 3

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on decision-making meetings in English.

In business, groups need to be able to come together to make good decisions. And with the right group of people who have the right information and the opportunity to discuss it, there’s a good chance that a decision is going to lead to success. There’s a lot riding on every decision-making meeting, and when that decision is made, it’s important that the team move forward together.

Fortunately, there are skills and techniques that we can learn to make group decision-making work well. In today’s lesson, we’ll look at asking for dissenting opinions, agreeing with reservations, and asking for buy-in. We’ll also look at identifying action items and delegating responsibilities stemming from a decision.

In the dialog, we’ll rejoin a group of people at an engineering company that has been deciding on a new vendor for tech support. Scott has been leading the meeting, while Anne, David, and Kelly have all been contributing their opinions. The group is about to settle on their final choice.

Listening Questions

1. What does Kelly not like about Alamo?
2. What is one of the actions that Scott mentions must be taken after the meeting?
3. What does Scott ask Kelly to do following the meeting?

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