BEN 23 – The End of the PC?

BEN 23

Learn Business English vocabulary and collocations for describing trends and technology in this Business English News lesson on the recent decline in PC sales.

It wasn’t long ago that many of us could count on a new computer every three years or so. With both hardware and software upgrades coming in leaps and bounds, consumers and businesses sought to replace obsolete machines for shiny new boxes. However, as Forbes explains, things have changed dramatically: “PC shipments are down 14% year-over-year despite the launch of Windows 8. While Microsoft and its fans might not want to admit it yet, Windows 8 is a flop. The failure to generate new sales is bad; the acceleration of the declining trend in PC shipments is downright awful.”

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2 thoughts on “BEN 23 – The End of the PC?”

  1. PC market would shrink regardless of Windows 8 success or flop. Most users already own powerful enough computers that they have no need to upgrade. However I do agree that Windows 8 is a flop, but I see it differently. I think Microsoft demonstrated arrogance and stupidity by pushing controversial tablet OS on the PC. This step enraged its customer base. The customers who either tried new Windows or were forced to buy it with new computers will now avoid any mobile device with Modern UI like a plague because of their negative experience on PC. This is a big win for Android and iOS and big flop for future Windows mobile. Microsoft will survive on the desktop since they can easily bring Start Menu, users will stay with Windows 7 or buy menu replacements applications from third party.. But Microsoft dreams of being a player in mobile are now shattered and they must go back to drawing board. The sooner they realize this epic flop, the better.

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