BEP 200 – Making the Most of Meetings in English (1)

Business English Meetings

This is the first of a two-part Business English Pod lesson on making the most of your business english meetings.

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So, have you ever announced a meeting and seen people roll their eyes? “Oh no, not another meeting,” they seem to be saying. But every organization needs meetings. They are important when we need to discuss an issue, share information, plan, or make decisions. The problem is that not every meeting is an effective meeting. In fact, there are some good reasons why a lot of people consider meetings a waste of time.

So the question is: how can you run a meeting that people come out of feeling positive? How can we make the most of our meetings?

Running a good meeting requires both leadership and tact. You need to guide the group towards its goals and keep the meeting on track. Today we’ll talk about how you can do this. We’ll look at how to keep the discussion moving and how to focus on the issues, rather than on people or items that aren’t on the agenda.

In this lesson, we’ll listen in on a meeting at a company that is dealing with unhappy staff. Tony, Annette, and Jake are managers, and they’re trying to figure out exactly what the problem is. The meeting is being run by Liz, who has been brought in from another department to help out. You will hear Liz use several techniques to keep the meeting on track.

Listening Questions

1. What is the purpose of this meeting?
2. What does Jake say is an important issue?
3. Why does Annette think the employee surveys are not useful?

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  1. Learning business english online is really a great option for those interested to learn english to improve the business management.

  2. I’ve learned a lot with these lessons. That’s improved my english at work…Thanks a lot

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