BEP 69 B – Telephoning: Taking a Message

Welcome back to Business English Pod. This is the second part of our look at answering the phone and taking a message. In this lesson, we’ll focus on taking a message.

Today’s lesson is also featured in our new eBook: Business English for Telephoning. This eBook covers essential language for many different types of business calls, including dealing with customers and complaints, making arrangements and checking on orders.

In our last lesson (BEP 69 A – Answering a Call), we looked at answering a call effectively. We heard an example of poor telephone skills and started in on a dialog that demonstrated good telephone skills. Today, we’re going to continue with that dialog and look at how to take a message. Have you ever missed a telephone message? Or have you received a message that didn’t contain the necessary information? If so, then you understand how important it is not just to take a message, but to do it right.

We’ll look at ways to ask someone to leave a message, information that should be included in a message, and how to offer help. You will also learn how to acknowledge, check back and confirm information that a caller gives you.

Now, let’s rejoin Mark, who works for a company called Trivesco. He is calling a shipping company, Daneline, hoping to speak with someone named Sylvie Petersen. Sylvie is not there, so Mark has to leave a message with Amy, the receptionist.

Listening Questions

1. How does the tone of Amy’s voice sound?
2. What information does Mark include in his message?
3. How does Amy make sure she has Mark’s phone number correct?

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3 thoughts on “BEP 69 B – Telephoning: Taking a Message”

  1. I got all topics on the BEP 69 B… It´s is really important to our every-day life!

    Hey Guys, I would you like to improve my speaking, can I leave me skype here ? You guys can reach by msn too … Let me know how to share my contacts… thank you all !

  2. 1. Amy was very polite when talking.

    2. Mark left his cell phone number.

    3. She called out the number to Mark to make sure its correct.33L2

  3. The website is very useful. I wish all the lessons would be available on window phone application soon :)

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