BEP 162 – Dealing with Customers on the Phone 2

This Business English Pod lesson is the second of a two-part series on telephone skills and dealing with customers on the phone.

When you’re helping a caller on the phone, unexpected things can happen. You might need to get some additional information from another source or have the caller to speak to someone else. Or, there may be some interference with the telephone connection that makes it hard to hear someone. It’s good to be prepared so that you can handle the call efficiently, without irritating the customer.

In this lesson, we’ll look at some of these unexpected situations. We’ll discuss ways to tell a caller what’s happening during the call and how to politely question and clarify if you don’t hear or understand something. We’ll cover language for signaling that a call is about to end, and how to politely finish the call.

In the last episode, we met Leroy and Paul. Leroy is a customer care agent for a credit card company. Paul is a customer whose card is about to expire. He hasn’t received a replacement card yet and Leroy is helping him.

Listening Questions

1. Why does Leroy need a minute to pull up Paul’s records?
2. What is Paul’s correct street address?
3. Why didn’t Paul receive his replacement card?

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  2. I’m working as sales coordinator and most of the time I’m using telephone to relay important information either both to my co-worker and customer. This podcast provide me some tips how to response politely on the phone using vocabularies used in the podcast. Thanks.

  3. very helpfull, now i’m reseaching employment in export-import company, so I have to talk with foreign customer in phone, this lesson provie me a lots of knowledge when taking on the phone

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