BEP 140 – Dealing with Problems over the Phone

In this Business English Pod lesson we’re going to look at discussing problems over the phone. For the example today, we’ll focus on chasing up an outstanding invoice, or a bill that hasn’t been paid on time.

In business, it’s not unusual to have a customer who’s late with a payment. Sometimes an invoice just hasn’t been received; other times the customer might not have the funds to cover the bill. Eventually, you need to call, discuss the problem, and try and work out a solution.

In today’s podcast, we’ll practice phrases for introducing the problem, clearly stating the details in a polite but firm manner, making an offer and proposing a solution.

The dialog features Marcy, who works for Computer Solutions. Marcy’s company provided software and training for Jack Fountain’s department at ATI Communications. Months have passed since Marcy submitted her first invoice, but no payment has been made. Now she’s calling to find out why. First, she speaks with Donna in the Accounts Payable department.

Listening Questions:

1) Where does Jack think Marcy’s invoice might be?
2) What are the payment terms that Jack agreed to?
3) What solution does Jack suggest?

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  1. it is a really powerful website filled with thousands of files and lessons aiming at improving people’s standard of business english. thank you very much.

  2. Thanks a lot! I’ve learned a lot about business skills and broadened my business english vocabulary through these wonderful recordings!

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