VV 09 Accounting English – Basic Vocabulary

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Video Vocab is a series of English videos explaining the meaning of important business terms related to many of the topics that are part of every day business conversations.

Today we’re looking at basic vocabulary related to finance and accounting. First we’ll hear a short article introducing the vocabulary. Then we’ll go over each word in detail, with some example sentences to show how you can use the words. At the end of the video you’ll have a chance to review and practice your new vocabulary.

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8 thoughts on “VV 09 Accounting English – Basic Vocabulary”

  1. It´s very intersting.
    I would like to thank you becouse this issue is important to my professional life.


  2. It´s very important and interesting subject. I´d like to known if you have condition to extend this issue to ERP Entreprise Resource Planing systems in terms of links inter areas. accounts Dept is linked with Financial, Fiscal, purchasing processes or departments.

  3. dear sir
    nothing to say just thank you very very much for your best efforts
    GOD bless you

  4. Dear Sir and madam:
    thanks alot for your great vedio vo cub it was very usful
    iam really needed, so i hope you are succeful all in your life.

  5. loved the videos! I saw one I follow with others are very interesting thanks!
    I follow your podcast, porfi upload more!

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