BEP 57 – Chitchat nước mát: Thành ngữ thể thao (1)

This Business English Podcast lesson is the first in an ongoing series where we’ll listen in on some typical chitchat around the office water cooler. You’ll find a water cooler in offices around the worldusually in the break room where employees gather to drink a cup of coffee or tea and take a rest from work.

And during these breaks, you might meet with a colleague and exchange words about life, your jobs, your company, các môn thể thao, politics or whatever. Vì thế “water cooler chichathas come to refer to all types of informal communication that take place at the office.

We’ll be listening in on Jan and Jen, who work in the same office of Ambient, an American telecoms company, gossiping around the water cooler. They are discussing the latest industry news: Dấu, a major European player in the market, has just announced the takeover or buy out of Ambient’s main competitor,TelStar.

Câu hỏi nghe

1) Do Jan and Jen think Accent’s takeover of TelStar was a good idea?
2) Why was there a delay in the takeover?

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