БЭП 124 – Английский для путешествий: Выписка из отеля

If you’ve ever checked into a hotel, there’s one more thing you’ll definitely have to do before you leave, check out of the hotel and pay the bill. Так, in this Деловой английский подкаст lesson we’ll be looking at some of the language you might use as you’re preparing to depart.

A while back, в БЭП 55 и БЭП 56, we were introduced to Alan Chan and Honesto Salvador, two employees of a US electronics manufacturer visiting the USA on a business trip. As part of their training they have made a trip to Boston and will also travel to a nearby plant in New Haven. We join Alan and Honesto at the hotel in Boston as they go to reception to check out and pay the bill.

Вопросы для прослушивания

1. How does Honesto feel about breakfast at the hotel?
2. Who was responsible for the minibar charge?
3. Why does Honesto mention his club membership?
4. How will Alan and Honesto get to the airport?

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БЭП 96 – общение: Бизнес-питание

In most parts of the world, having lunch or dinner together is an important part of doing business. In places such as North America, eating meals is a way of building a relationship or celebrating a partnership. And in other cultures, such as China, much of the real work of making deals actually often gets done over the dinner table.

No matter where you are doing business, it’s important to be able to handle the basics of dining out. This includes ordering food, recommending dishes, proposing a toast, and paying for the check, among other things. These skills will be the focus of this episode.

В прослушивании, we continue to follow Mario and Francesca, who represent the Italian fashion company Viva, on their visit to the U.S. As planned, they are having dinner in Las Vegas with their distributor Adriana, who works at the American company Foxtrot. Bill, one of their new customers, has also joined them.

When the dialog begins, the group has already made some small talk and looked at the menu. Now they are ready to order.

Вопросы для прослушивания:

1) Why doesn’t Francesca want to try thesteak tartare?”
2) How does Francesca signal that she’s ready to go back to the hotel?
3) Who pays for the meal?

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БЭП 89 – Телефонирование: Принимает меры

На этом уроке делового английского подкаста мы рассмотрим полезный язык для обработки практических деталей делового визита., такие как встреча в аэропорту и бронирование ресторана или отеля. И мы также будем практиковать способы создания и поддержания доброй воли, демонстрируя гибкость и вежливые ответы по телефону..

Viva - итальянская модная компания. Представители Viva Марко и Франческа готовятся посетить выставку моды в Лас-Вегасе со своим американским дистрибьютором, Фокстрот. Модная выставка, или экспозиция, это своего рода выставка или конференция, на которой потенциальные покупатели смотрят на производителей’ груз.

В диалоге Марко звонит своему контактному Адриане в Фокстрот, чтобы обсудить детали визита. Пока вы слушаете, попробуйте ответить на следующие вопросы.

Вопросы для прослушивания

1) Какую информацию Адриана получает от Марко?
2) С чем Марко нужна помощь??
3) Есть ли у Марко какие-то особые требования к отелю?
4) Какую еду Марко надеется съесть?

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БЭП 88 – Телефонирование: Бронирование путевки

Booking tickets on the phone is a basic part of business travel. В этом intermediate Business English Podcast, we will practice useful phrases and language for making travel arrangements on the telephone.

Viva is an Italian manufacturer of ladiesapparel, or clothing. Marco and Francesca, Viva employees, are on a business trip. After visiting customers in the UK, they are now heading to Las Vegas in the United States to meet with their American distributorthe company that sells their product there. Marco calls a travel agent to book tickets for them.

Вопросы для прослушивания

1) When does Marco want to leave and when does he want to return? Will he and Francesca be flying first class, business class or economy?
2) Does Marco ask the travel agent tohold the fareor does he pay for it immediately?
3) Does Marco need to pick up his and Francesca’s tickets at the travel agent’s office?

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БЭП 80 – Английский для путешествий: Заселение в отель

В этом уроке делового английского подкаста, we will focus on phrases and vocabularyboth for checking in and for enquiring about hotel services whilst checking in.

Arriving at a hotel after a long, hard day of travel, you need to do one last thing before you can take a hot shower and relax in front of the TVyou need to check in. That means registering for the room by filling out any necessary forms and giving the hotel your credit card number.

Checking in to hotels is another important part of travel, whether it’s for business or for pleasure. This episode follows on from БЭП 79 Путешествовать: Reserving a Hotel Room, in which Sarah Johnson called to reserve a room at the Majestic Hotel in New York. Sarah has now arrived, and she is ready to begin her stay.

В прослушивании, Paul, at reception, helps Sarah register for the room. Pay attention to the language Sarah uses.

Вопросы для прослушивания

1) When she reserved the room, Sarah asked for a dinner reservation. What is the name of the hotel’s restaurant? Which floor is it on?
2) What do guests need to bring with them to the fitness center?
3) How does Sarah pay for her room deposit?

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