925 Урок английского 32 – Как обобщить на английском

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В сегодняшних 925 английское видео урок, we’re going to learn how to make generalizations in English.

Don’t you hate it when people say things like “Americans are rude?” Я имею в виду, not all Americans are rude. And people in other countries are rude too. It’s simply not helpful to say something is true of a whole group of people. When it’s negative like that, it feels wrong.

But it can be helpful to describe a group of people, as long as we are clear that it’s not everyone we’re talking about. We call this a “generalization.” Например, “many of my friends work in finance.I’m making a generalization about my friends. And it doesn’t have to be people. If I say “most of our online sales come from Europe,” I’m generalizing about sales.

925 английское видео уроки для начинающих (CEFR уровень A2). С 925 English videos you can learn Деловой английский фразы для работы.

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