БЭП 287 – Английский для продаж 3: Соответствие решения потребностям


Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on matching solutions to customersneeds during the процесс продаж.

Have you ever been frustrated by a salesperson who tried to sell you something you didn’t need? Да, we all have! And so if you’re the one doing the selling, remember that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t likely to work. Вместо, you need to build a relationship and learn about your customer’s needs. Only then can you provide the right solution.

In our last two lessons on the sales process, we looked at how to make your initial approach и understand the customer’s needs. Итак, на этом уроке, we’ll look at the next step in the process: matching a solution to those needs.

There are several techniques we can use to offer a solution to a customer. We can warn them against doing things a certain way. Это, we can advise them against solutions that don’t match their needs. We can also emphasize cost benefits or quality, and ask hypothetical questions in order to persuade them. И наконец, once we’ve used these techniques, we can finish by summarizing agreement.

В сегодняшнем диалоге, мы воссоединимся с Аароном, продавец в компании по производству коммерческого холодильного оборудования. He has been talking to customers at a new hotel who need equipment for their bar and restaurant. Aaron has visited the hotel to meet them and talk about their needs. Now Aaron is putting together a proposal, and he calls the hotel manager, Ева, to talk about some of his proposed solutions.

Вопросы для прослушивания

1. What does Aaron advise Eva against doing at the beginning of their conversation?
2. What point does Aaron emphasize when he recommends the Coil-Pro unit?
3. В конце разговора, how does Aaron introduce his summary of their discussion?

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