БЭП 211 – Идиомы делового английского языка: Цвета (2)

Welcome back to Business English Pod for this lesson on Английские идиомы. Today we’re going to be talking about English idioms related to color.

What do I mean by ‘colorful idioms’? I mean expressions that either use the word ‘color’, or mention a specific color. English is full of these expressions. We have color idioms that describe people, moods, situations, деятельность, and frequency. We even have some that relate specifically to money and finances.

Это правильно. Color is important in all parts of life, including business. Just ask your tailor. He might advise you to wear a dark blue suit to show authority, a grey suit to convey security, or a brown suit to show openness. Так, just as you should pay attention to color in your clothes, you should be mindful of color in your speech.

На сегодняшнем уроке, we’ll continue with a conversation between Mike and Rachel. They’re talking about the possibility of Rachel changing positions, and her interview experience. В их разговоре, you will notice that both Mike and Rachel use several идиомы делового английского языка related to color. Make a note of these idioms, and we’ll go through the conversation again and look at what they mean.

Вопросы для прослушивания

1. Why was Rachel embarrassed at her interview?
2. What did Rachel accomplish that Mike is impressed by?
3. What does Mike think Rachel should decide about the job offer?

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  1. Referring to the listen, would it be possible to obtain free the writing versions of the audios ?

    I´m a Business English student from Brazil and I am enyoying the program very much.

    If so, please let me know how to get it.



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