БЕН 14 – Битва мобильных платформ

Business English Lesson on Mobile Platforms
Битва за превосходство смартфонов в последние месяцы достигла новых высот., с тяжеловесами отрасли Apple и Google, лидерами по сравнению с давними мобильными центрами, такими как Research in Motion и Windows.

Получите краткую информацию о брифе, но постоянно развивается, история рынка смартфонов в этом месяце Деловой английский урок новостей. У нас много отличной лексики для разговоров о мобильной связи., продажи и технологии. Воспользуйтесь ссылками ниже, чтобы получить доступ к бесплатным стенограммам и тестам для этого урока..

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18 мысли о «БЕН 14 – Битва мобильных платформ”

  1. Not at the moment Mickel. Most of our quizzes are made in Flash format, which doesn’t work on iOS devices (including the iPad). Однако, we have made a few example mobile-friendly quizzes and will likely start publishing all quizzes in HTML 5 format in 2013.

  2. Really interesting thing for checking your grammar, but the voice of the narrator could be better. This should be useful for students.
    The theme of the text is nowadays battle between smartphones, People are hating android when they are using IPhone and opposed. It is a really messy thing battle between smartphones it will end one day but not today. Maybe someday there will be a third competitor in this battle for supremacy.

  3. Да, I think you’re correct misterxy. I remember a friend of mine showing me one in the early 1990’s. I also remember laughing at him because it had all these useless functions such as email, a calendar, reminders. “Who needs all that? Nobody uses email.I said…. oh boy, a visionary I am not!

  4. This text and tasks were really interesting. Something new and diffirent. In the text most of the things were allready know, but i found something new. Tasks was a bit easy and you can cheat, but still it was fun, we need more task like this, beacause it was intresint and fun and something new.

  5. Apple and Google are battling each other for the top spot for the smart phone OS market for a few years now and this article seems to be very informative.
    Earlier this year i bought my first Android phone. So far it has been pretty handy and easy to use but since my phone is slow the OS is running slower than expectedAccording to the Google, they are implementing hotfixes to the new Android versions to support cheaper phones with less than 1GB of RAM. Because I haven’t used any of the iOS phones I cannot really compare these two operating systems but as far as I know from YouTube reviews, iOS is faster and more stable.
    All in all it seems that people are more willingly using Google software over Apple.

  6. The quiz was pretty interesting but also quite easy. I’ve done much more difficult tasks in the past and so it wasn’t too hard for me. Even though i think it was pretty useful because i have learned a few new words.

  7. This article is about how two big companies Apple and Google compete with each other. Two big companies with diffrent OS systems try to take first place in the world.

  8. Хорошо, the article was surprisingly interesting, although it didn’t cover enough aspects of both companies and operating systems. However those quizes were rather fun and pretty enjoyable if you want to learn something new in a different way. If I were to create such an interactive learning environment I would make it more difficult.

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