BEP 138 INT – Парусные идиомы: Производительность компании (Часть 1)

В этом эпизоде ​​деловой английский Pod, we’re going to look at how деловые идиомы related to ships and sailing can be used to describe company performance.

The image of a ship is a powerful one in business. The ship is like a companya huge entity that must be steered toward success, maintained properly, and carefully guided away from dangers like storms and rocks. Employees are often seen as a crew of sailors, a group that must work together as a team. So sailing idioms frequently appear when we discuss business in English.

Today’s episode starts a two-part series on sailing idioms. Lakisha and Warren are two colleagues discussing the decline of Trussock’s, an engineering firm that has been faltering since a new CEO took over.

Вопросы для прослушивания:

1) What are the major differences between Trussock’s old CEO and the new CEO?
2) What do Lakisha and Warren think will help change the situation at Trussock’s?

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3 thoughts on “BEP 138 INT – Парусные идиомы: Производительность компании (Часть 1)”

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  2. Hi there,
    I just would like to thank you for your program (BEP), I really liked this lesson and I can’t wait for (часть 2)to be released , thanks for the clarity of the audio & Pdf .
    More lessons like this one would be greatfulthumbs up” 10/10 .

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