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To jest pełna lista wszystkich plików Lekcje języka angielskiego w biznesie opublikowano Kapsuła z językiem angielskim biznesowym, zaczynając od ostatnich lekcji.

Uczyć się Angielski biznesowy z ponad 600 Lekcje angielskiego biznesowego na wszystko, od angielskiego po spotkania, prezentacje, negocjacje i wywiady do pisania biznesowego, Gramatyka i słownictwo.

81 thoughts on “Business English Podcast Lessons

  1. Cześć, i love your website. the combination of app listening, reading and tests is not only useful but also very interesting. i would even read it in my motherlaguage. Nevertheless I have a requestcould you please do a real estate lesson

  2. Hey, lastly I could download mp3 file, but now I can only listen podcast. Is it change or I can not find in which way I can download and listen on my walkman.
    Z wyrazami szacunku, Piotr

  3. This is one of the best site of advanced english I have ever known, the content is just outstanding. I highly recommend you guys to upgrade to premium, to stay in touch with other content.

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  6. This is Don wei from China. I am so excited to find this great website to study business English. I hope I will be success through this website.

  7. Thank you for every lesson.
    You dont know how much you helped me.
    I have No words to describe how much Important You became in my life
    I am addicted to You all
    Thank you for all.

  8. Im Thao. Im from VietNam. I start to learning english and today i know your site, and many thanks for you. I can see your all lesson but i hope to have content a lesson.

  9. really good website for learning parituclar vocabulary in business scene. I found it in my online university course. It´s really clear the different parts you can study and the resources are great.

  10. Thank you so much for your effort. I find this site very useful for my purpose. I am trying to learn as many business terms as I can. Good job, please keep it up.

  11. a million thanks ,

    I am watching every day a new topic of theses video and really it’s a great gift for us .
    To become a professional you should lean from a professional !

  12. Thank you so much for these Podcasts. only I wish that I found this site much early time.

    Jednakże, I would like to suggest

    Could you kindly add one section at each lesson ?

    for the dialog in the lesson, when the podcast is recorded, add some time gap between sentences, that allows us to repeat (read aloud) the sentence one after one (helping us to speak). Hopefully I explained the request clearly.


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