Umiejętności 360 – Jak przezwyciężyć uprzedzenia poznawcze

Skills 360 - Overcoming Cognitive Bias

Witamy ponownie w Angielski biznesowy Umiejętności 360 podcast as we continue learning about cognitive bias. W tej lekcji, we’ll look at how to deal with the biases that impact our decision-making.

Trusting your gut and making quick decisions might work in some cases. But if you think your decision-making ability is based on perfect reasoning and complete information, well you’re wrong. You’re only human after all. And your decision-making machinery is flawed. W naszej ostatniej lekcji, we had a closer look at exactly the kinds of biases that lead to suboptimal decisions. So how can you overcome these biases?

It’s a question that every good manager should be asking themselves. And making better decisions while avoiding biases comes down to a few key things: awareness, curiosity, and evidence. Let’s start with awareness. Teraz, if you tuned in to our last lesson when we talked about different types of bias, then you’re already on the right track.

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