CT 04 英語の文法 – 条件付き

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チョークン’ トーク 探求する新しいビデオレッスンシリーズです 高度な英語文法トピック.

このレッスンでは, Brian reviews the three basic conditionals: first (probable) conditional, 2番目 (improbable) conditional and third (past improbable) conditional. In the second part of the video, Brian looks at some common errors native speakers make with the third conditional.

プレミアム会員: 研究ノート | オンライン練習

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  1. It´s the first time I visited the website and I am really happy because I found an easy way to learn and improve my english skills as grammar.
    Thank you, it was very usefull.

  2. I like this website which provide abundant sourses for people to learn English.

    i love Podcasting too.

  3. great videos one comment to lucia arana when we use the phraseis the first timethe correct verb tense is present perfect for example is the first time I Have Visited the web site…..

    is the same situacion for me the first time and I think I wiil be back all days

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