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BEP 295 – 出張 4: 工場検査


Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on conducting a factory inspection in English.

In the global economy, a company might have its headquarters in Germany, but outsource production to China and technical support to India. Or you might find a Korean company that contracts out to one factory in Malaysia and another in Vietnam. とにかく, to make the right decision on production facilities, you’ll most likely need to conduct a factory inspection.

So if you’re flying halfway around the world to tour a factory or another facility, what kind of questions should you ask? And how can you make sure the factory is the right fit for your needs? 上手, you’ll definitely want to ask questions about quality control to make sure the factory can meet your expectations. You might also ask about production capacity so you know they can handle the work properly. And you might ask about their approach to standards, to make sure they’re in line with your values.

もちろん, talk is cheap. You might find a factory manager makes claims that are a bit unbelievable. In these situations, you’ll want to show skepticism, or doubt, and ask for evidence. This is all part of the due diligence necessary to make sure you’re making the right choice.

今日の対話で, we’ll hear Cam and Vanessa, who work for an American clothing company. They want to find a new production facility, so they’re touring a factory in China. You’ll also hear Chen, a factory manager who’s giving Cam and Vanessa a tour of the facility. Cam and Vanessa want to find out if Chen’s factory is a good fit for their company.


1. How does Vanessa react to Chen’s claim that they have a .25% defect rate?
2. What important issue does Cam say their company is very serious about?
3. What kind of proof does Vanessa want to see of the factory managerstraining?

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BEP 294 – 出張 3: 機密ディスカッション

BEP 294 - Holding a Confidential Discussion in English

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on having a confidential discussion during a business trip.

If you’ve got colleagues or clients in other parts of the world, you probably rely a lot on email and the phone. But meeting in person continues to be important for building relationships and trust, and for discussing important issues. That’s one reason, もちろん, why the overseas business trip remains important.

And there’s one type of discussion that can be especially difficult: discussing a confidential matter. Perhaps you need to deliver bad news, or share sensitive information or tell someone about an important change. Meeting face-to-face in these types of situations is often the best way to break the news.

So what’s the best way to go about this? 上手, to begin, it’s important to set a positive tone to put the other person at ease. 次, you might want to ask him or her how things are going. それは氷を壊すのを助けることができます, and the other person might actually mention the topic you want to discuss. Once you’ve started this way, you can introduce the sensitive information you want to deliver. And because the information is sensitive, you need to ask for discretion. 最終的に, depending on the nature of the discussion, you might also have to provide reassurances. 結局, after we hear important information, we might wonder how it will impact us.

今日の対話で, we’ll hear Cam, who works for an American clothing company. He’s visiting the head of the company’s Chinese office, デビッド. The company manufactures some of its clothing in China, and has been considering how to expand their retail activities in Asia. Cam needs to have a confidential discussion with David to share some important news.


1. How does Cam ask for David’s perspective on the current situation?
2. Cam needs to tell David about a decision regarding retail in China. What point does Cam mention to introduce this decision?
3. How does Cam reassure David near the end of the conversation?

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BEP 284 – 出張 2: 道案内と移動

BEP 284 - Giving Directions in English

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on giving directions and getting around a city. This lesson is part of a larger series that looks at the ビジネス英語 you need for a successful overseas business trip.

Getting from point A to point B in a city isn’t always simple. Even with a map, there are lots of opportunities for confusion. First of all, a map doesn’t include the names of every little shop or house. And even though a map might show you where some major things are, it won’t tell you how to get there. これらの理由により, we still rely on people for advice on getting around. And whether you’re traveling and need to understand someone’s directions, or whether someone asks you for directions, you need the right language.

This is what we’ll look at in today’s lesson. We’ll learn language and techniques for describing a location, suggesting the best travel option, and describing distance. We’ll also look at how to give basic directions, how to explain a change of course, and how to ask a stranger for help on the street.

ダイアログで, we’ll rejoin Cam and Vanessa, who have traveled to Shanghai on business. They’re talking to the concierge at their hotel, who is explaining to them how to get to a specific coffee shop in the city’s Pudong business district.


1. What does the concierge recommend as the best travel option?
2. How does the concierge describe the distance to Hengshan Lu Station?
3. When Cam approaches a stranger in the street, what is the first question he asks?

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BEP 283 – 出張 1: タクシーに乗る

BEP 283 - 旅行英語 - タクシーに乗る

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on taking a taxi. This will be part of a larger series that looks at the ビジネス英語 you need for a successful overseas business trip.

When you travel to another city for business, what’s the easiest way to get around? Usually by taxi. You don’t have to interpret a subway map or a bus schedule. And you can be delivered directly to your destination with little confusion, though it will cost you more of course.

はい, I said “with little confusion,” though that’s not always the case. Taxi drivers might not always understand what you want, or what you’re saying. You’ve still got to communicate clearly, directly, and politely with the taxi driver. Your fate is in hisor herhands, and so you need to make sure you’re understood.

This is exactly what we’ll learn today. We’ll cover some important types of requests during a taxi ride, including asking for a destination, requesting a specific route, and asking for a change of course. We’ll also learn how to ask to be let out and request a receipt.

このレッスンでは, we’ll hear Cam and Vanessa, who have just arrived in Shanghai on a business trip. They’ve passed through immigration and collected their bags, and now they want to take a taxi to their hotel.


1. What is the travelersdestination, and where is it located?
2. Vanessa asks for a change of course to get to a bank. How does she describe how to get there?
3. How does Vanessa ask to be let out of the taxi?

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BEP 26c – トラベル: 問題への対処

BEP 26 - 旅行英語: 問題への対処


この ビジネス英語レッスン 私たちの古いレッスンのいくつかの新鮮なテイクの新しいシリーズの一部です. 同じ対話を維持しましたが、低レベルの学習者のための新しい説明と実践があります.

あなたがビジネスのために旅行しているとき, 自分の手に負えないような問題が発生したことがありますか? 空港に現れてフライトがキャンセルされたときのように. または、フライトが遅れて目的地に時間どおりに到着できない場合? これらの状況は苛立たしく、対処するのが難しい場合があります. しかし、あなたがあなたの問題を解決するのを助けるためにあなたが学ぶことができるいくつかの言語技術があります.

このレッスンでは, これらのテクニックのいくつかを見ていきます, 誰かの注意を引くなど, リクエストに否定的な質問を使用する, しぶしぶ同意する. 丁寧な拒否の作成についても説明します, 自分を正す, と支払いについて尋ねる. これらはすべて、旅行の問題を解決するときに実行または理解する必要があるかもしれないことです。.

ダイアログでは、ロバートという旅行者の声が聞こえます. 私たちの最後のレッスンを聞いた場合, ロバートがニースに旅行していたが、最初にパリに立ち寄ったことを覚えているかもしれません. このレッスンでは, パリ空港でロバートの声が聞こえます. 彼はニースへの乗り継ぎ便に乗り遅れており、翌日の会議に間に合うように目的地に到着する方法を見つけようとしています。.


1. ニースへの次の利用可能なフライトはいつですか?
2. 次の利用可能なフライトがロバートに受け入れられないのはなぜですか?
3. ニースへの次の利用可能なフライトの代わりに、ロバートは何を望んでいますか?
4. エージェントはどのタイプの座席が利用可能な唯一のタイプであると言いますか?

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