BEP 53 ADV – 客户服务: 处理投诉 (部分 1: 移情)

Good customer service is essential to success in any industry, but it is particularly important in the service and hospitality sector. “Hospitalitymeans treating guests well; and here, we’re talking specifically about hotels. Because service is so vital to hospitality, hotels are a good place to look for excellent service practices.

So today we’ll be listening in on a phone call from an angry customer at the Majestic, a five-star hotel in Shanghai. By listening to a bad example and a good example of service practice, we’ll be studying skills that are useful in any industry, no matter whether you are dealing with internal or external customers.

BEP 23 – 打电话: 处理困难的客户

在最近的商务英语播客中 (BEP 22), 我们探讨了用英语打电话时如何处理技术问题. 今天, 我们将讨论如何与来电者处理问题, 这当然更难处理! 但, 用适当的语言和短语, 您可以向呼叫者显示您想要的帮助, 并向他们保证您可以帮助解决问题.

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