BEP 23c – 电话英语: 采取行动

BEP23c 电话 英语 - 采取行动 - 课程模块

欢迎回到商务英语播客今天的课程,了解如何采取行动应对 英文电话.

工作高效意味着完成工作. 有时为了完成我们自己的工作, 我们需要其他人来完成任务. 所以当你需要某人采取行动时, 获得它的最好或最快的方法是什么? 出色地, 通常我们只是拿起电话给那个人打电话.

那你怎么说? 直接出来说“嘿”可以吗?, 这样做”或“嗨, 去做?“ 并不真地. 你需要坚定而直接, 但不是那么坚定和直接. 您可能需要强调这个问题的重要性. 下一个, 在你真正谈论你想要或需要做什么之前,你可能会先进入主要问题.

但这还不是全部! 如果你想要行动, 你想绝对确定你会得到它. 这就是为什么您可能会要求保证, 这就像对方的承诺. 最后, 只是为了 100% 当然, 你应该通过确认操作来结束. 通过这种方式, 你不太直接或专横, 但你仍然坚定地做的不仅仅是提出礼貌的请求.

在今天的对话中, 我们会听到内森, 他在一家名为 Cyclops 的飞机公司工作. 内森正在给一家名为 Airtronics 的公司的乔治打电话. 内森打电话是因为他想就乔治的提议采取行动. 进一步来说, 他想确保乔治今天将提案提交给独眼巨人.


1. 为什么内森认为乔治今天提交提案很重要?
2. 内森提出了哪些与乔治能否完成他的提案有关的重要问题?
3. 谈话即将结束时, 内森要求乔治做一些事情来确认提案已发送. 他要求乔治做什么?

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  1. thank you so much for your wonderful podcasts,
    然而, i have a request.

    would you please use different hosts for BEPs,

    当然, Edwin is great but i think hearing different

    accents is essential to learning English.

    again, many thanks for your great site.

  2. Thanks for the feedback hadi. We do use Ed quite a lot but we also have 2 other hosts: Tim and Leon and in the existing lessons you can hear 4 other hosts (Jennifer, Clayton, Jeff and Atelie). I’m always on the look out for new hosts (would be good to have a regular female host too), but it is actually quite difficult to find people who can deliver in a natural style as that generally goes against everything a recording artist is usually required to do. Availability and scheduling are also further hurdles. So it’s quite hard to find suitable voices, but we are always on the look out.

  3. 你好, thank you so much for offering this awesome products,
    it’s really helpful and I’ve been using for one year and just renew my subscription.

    But I got one question concerned with the mobile service.
    I can find the PDF study notes on my laptop(website), but never be able to find it out on my phone(app).

    Could you kindly add it, it would be really nice.

    Thank you and kudos to you!



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