VV 50 – 法律英语: Intellectual Property and Copyright Law (2)

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在本课程中,我们将学习 法律英语词汇 与版权有关. 受版权保护的作品由作者创作, 谁因使用作品而获得版税. 存在特定期限的版权, 并可能分配给其他人. 版权限制包括公共领域的作品以及合理使用. 我们还将探讨版权侵权和盗版等想法.

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VV 49 – 法律英语: 知识产权法 (1)

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In this lesson we’ll look at 法律英语 vocabulary related to intellectual property, or IP. Intellectual property includes patents, as well as trademarks and trade secrets. IP may be licensed to others, but it still belongs to the rights holder. We’ll cover activities such as counterfeiting, as well as reverse engineering. 最后, we’ll look at designation of origin.

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商务英语新闻 19 – 专利战争

Business English News Lesson on Apple's Patent Disputes

在这 商务英语新闻课, we take a look at recent courtroom battles over technology patents.

In what some have dubbed ‘The Patent Trial of the Century’, Apple and Samsung have been fighting tooth and nail in recent weeks. Samsung was found to have infringed on 7 of Apple’s patents, in what became a $1B levy.

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BEP 209 – 合同谈判 2: 讨论精美图案

This is the second part of our Business English Pod series on negotiating a contract.

所以, you’ve found a company you want to work with and have agreed on the major points of the deal. Now it’s time to negotiate the ‘fine printor the details of the contract. Even if you’ve come to terms on price and payment, there may be a lot of costs or savings unaccounted for. A good warranty, 例如, could save you a lot of money. The details may not break a deal, but you do need to negotiate them successfully so that the contract protects you and guarantees you certain benefits.

去做这个, you’ll need to be comfortable with the language of contracts and the techniques used to talk about them. 这就是我们今天要看的. We’ll learn how to ensure warranty terms, ask about response times, and talk about the bottom line in order to win concessions. We’ll also cover talking about renewal and agreeing to overall terms.

We are going to rejoin Sam and Larry, who are discussing a contract to lease a fleet of cars and vans. Larry, who represents the vehicle company, has drawn up a contract. He and Sam are discussing the details over the phone. You’ll hear Sam try to get the best deal possible for his company.


1. Why does Sam want to ensure the terms of the warranty?
2. What does Larry offer to Sam free of charge?
3. How does Larry respond to Sam’s request for a renewal clause?

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BEP 208 – 合同谈判 1: 寻求优惠

在这 商务英语播客 课, 我们将研究谈判合同的语言.

因为我们将讨论合同, 你可能想看看我们的视频词汇 合同法的教训 刷新你的记忆.

很多生意都是通过口头协议和握手来完成的. 但是不需要律师就知道您通常最好将所有内容都写在合同中. 合同保护安排的双方,并明确规定谁必须在什么时间和地点做什么.

如果您熟悉合同, 你知道几乎总是包含某些部分和条款. 但具体如何写可能因合同而异. “细节决定成败,” 俗话说, 这是传统的说法,细节非常重要.

当谈到合同谈判时, 你将不得不关注很多细节. 您可能会大体上同意您想要的安排类型, 但是,如果您想要一份适合自己的合同,那么计算出更好的点是至关重要的. 谈判这些细节需要几个关键技能. 今天我们将介绍合同中的突出问题, 寻求让步, 并引用先前的安排以加强您的地位. 我们还将考虑同意对让步犹豫不决,并强调积极的一面.

我们将听到山姆与拉里谈判车辆租赁合同, 租赁公司代表. 山姆想为他的公司租赁几辆汽车和货车. 他和拉里已经就主要问题达成一致,现在正在通过电话讨论合同草案.


1. 为什么 Sam 提到他们的客户代表试图与客户保持密切联系?
2. Sam 对他们最近的租赁情况有何看法?
3. 拉里愿意为山姆做什么?

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