BEP 338 – 电话会议英语: 参加在线会议

商务英语播客 338 - 英文电话会议: 在线会议

欢迎回到 商务英语播客 今天关于参加在线会议的课程 英文电话会议.

很难夸大手机和笔记本电脑对21世纪业务的重要性. 您能想象没有这些工具的工作生活吗?? 可能不会. 如果您像大多数人一样, 你的大部分 英语工作对话 在技​​术的帮助下发生. 这包括会议. 很多时候, 人们不能亲自见面, 但实际上.

但是当您在会议中看不到其他人时, 突然很难听到你的声音. 你不能前倾或举手示意你想说话. 代替, 您需要找到口头交流的方式. 在很多情况下, 这也意味着要识别自己,以便其他人知道谁在说话.

在一个 英文在线会议, 您必须非常清楚自己在说什么. 这可能意味着跳回对话早期的评论. 而且你必须清楚你在跟谁说话, 通过针对特定个人发表评论. 最后, 因为技术似乎从来都不是绝对可靠的, 您可能会发现自己为技术难题而道歉.

在今天的对话中, 我们会听到一位名叫Gabi的经理领导与美国各地销售人员的电话会议. 他们正在召开在线会议以计划销售会议. 参与者将使用不同的策略来有效参与.


1. 希瑟为什么在会议期间道歉?
2. Why does Manuel say “Manuel here in KC” at the start of a comment?
3. 希瑟重新加入对话时, 她想再次谈论什么较早的话题?

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BEP 337 – 电话会议英语: 召开在线会议

BEP 337 - Conference Call English: 召开在线会议

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on teleconferences and running online meetingsconference calls in English.

With today’s technology, people don’t have to be in the same room to have a meeting. We can connect with people around the world by phone or video chat apps like Skype. Amazing, isn’t it? Until it suddenly isn’t amazing, because people don’t know who’s saying what, others are having technical difficulties, and people are leaving and joining the meeting without anyone knowing.

A good conference call requires a good facilitator. Someone to make sure everyone knows who’s in the meeting and gives everyone the chance to speak. That means facilitating introductions at the start of the meeting and encouraging quiet people to share their ideas. 毕竟, it’s pretty easy to hide or be ignored during an online meeting.

Sometimes there are technical problems that can get the meeting off track. At those times, it’s best to ask someone else to try to solve the problem so you can continue running the meeting. And just like any meeting, the facilitator should be encouraging input from everyone, including those who join late. It’s your job to integrate those latecomers into the meeting so they can participate too.

在今天的对话中, we’ll hear an English teleconference led by Gabi. People from across the U.S. are joining the call to plan their company’s upcoming sales conference.


1. What does Gabi ask people to include in their short self-introduction?
2. What problem does Gabi ask someone to help solve?
3. What does Gabi do when someone joins the meeting late?

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BEP 32 乙 – 讨论问题解决方案的英语 (2)

BEP 32B - 讨论问题解决方案的英语 2

欢迎回到 商务英语播客 for today’s lesson on discussing solutions to a problem during a 英文电话会议.

Have you ever been in a meeting where everyone just wants to complain about a problem? And maybe they criticize every solution that is suggested? 好, if that’s all you do, the problem will never be solved.

Discussing solutions is all about figuring out what might actually work. It’s about finding the best solution, even if it’s not the perfect solution. So you need to learn how to agree with people’s ideas, either strongly, or with conditions. 换一种说法, you might agree but only if something else can happen.

If you’re leading a problem-solving meeting, you’ll likely need to highlight the best solution that comes forward. Even when you have a pretty good solution, you might still want to invite more ideas. And whether you’re leading or participating in the meeting, you might offer to take the lead on implementing a solution. 在本课中, we’ll cover all these skills for discussing solutions.

在今天的对话中, we’ll rejoin a teleconference led by Jim. On the line with Jim are Jack, 和, 和安吉. They are discussing how to deal with the issue of paint fumes at a factory. They’re trying to find the best way to solve this problem.


1. What expression does Angie use to agree strongly with Dan’s idea?
2. What solution does Jim highlight as the best one?
3. What does Dan say he wants to do about the research on different types of paint?

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BEP 32 一种 – 讨论问题解决方案的英语 (1)

BEP 32A - 讨论问题解决方案的英语 1

欢迎回到 商务英语播客 今天的课程是关于如何在 英文电话会议.

仅在工作中发现问题或谈论问题是不够的. 我们需要弄清楚如何解决它们. 和 解决问题 是任何工作场所中最重要的技能之一. 事实上, 几乎每次会议, 会话, 或电话会议包括一些解决问题的方法.

有时谈论解决方案意味着提出建议. 换一种说法, 您对解决问题有个主意,并且希望其他人听听. 在这种情况下, 您需要能够使用建议的语言.

当然, 仅仅因为有人提出一个主意并不意味着它是一个好主意. 我们需要的另一项技能是能够谨慎地意见分歧,以免使人沮丧或使他们感到被攻击. 当您不同意某人时, 您可能想提出解决问题的另一种方法. 这些都是谈论解决方案时的重要技能.

在今天的对话中, 我们将在工厂听电话会议,讨论油烟问题. 会议由吉姆主持, 谁会教我们如何开始电话会议. 我们还会听到杰克, 和, 和安吉, 他们都在谈论解决问题的不同方法.


1. Dan建议什么解决方案?
2. 当杰克不同意丹的想法时, 在表达分歧之前他怎么说?
3. 杰克建议什么解决方案,而不是丹的解决方案?

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