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商务英语新闻 52 – ChatGPT

商务英语新闻 52 - ChatGPT

在这 商务英语 我们看的新闻课 商务英语词汇 related to artificial intelligence and ChatGPT.

For a while, it seemed like the hype around artificial intelligence had died down. But a recent development in AI has taken the world by storm. It’s called ChatGPT, and unless you live in a cave, you’ve surely heard about it. But what exactly is it? As the Guardian explains:

Trained by AI and machine learning, ChatGPT is designed to provide information and answer questions through a conversational interface. OpenAI said the new AI was created with a focus on ease of use. “The dialog format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.

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BEP 394 – English Idioms about Body Parts (2)

BEP 394 - English Idioms about Body Parts (2)

欢迎回到Business English Pod,今天的课程 商务英语习语 based on the human body.

In your time studying English have you ever heard the expression “to learn something by heart?” Maybe you had to learn an English song by heart. Or maybe it was verb conjugations, or a list of vocabulary that your teacher made you learn “by heart.” And maybe you know that learning something by heart means memorizing it, which is kind of strange when you consider our memory is in our brain, not our heart!

But “to learn by heart” is an idiom. And English has thousands and thousands of idioms. It’s one thing that makes English really hard to learn. But you’ll find that 英语成语 tend to rely on certain themes or metaphors, like body parts. And today we’ll look at some idioms that refer to brains, ears, hearts, hands, lips, fingers, and even heels.

在本课中, we’ll rejoin a conversation between Maria and Trevor. They are friends and former colleagues who are meeting for coffee to chat about their work situations. In their conversation they use many different idioms related to human body parts. See if you can spot some of these idioms as you listen, and I’ll explain them later in the debrief.


1. How does Maria describe her CEO?
2. What does Trevor say when Maria tells him she has a secret?
3. What has Maria seen happen to other companies that makes her afraid of starting her own?

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BEP 393 – English Idioms about Body Parts (1)

BEP 393 - English Idioms about Body Parts (1)

欢迎回到Business English Pod,今天的课程 英语成语 related to different parts of the body.

Now you probably already know that when I said “head over to” the website, I meant you should go look at the website. Even if you didn’t know that particular expression, you could probably guess the meaning from my sentence. “Head over tois a kind of idiom, and English has a lot of idioms, as you’ve probably noticed!

事实上, there are many common sources of idioms. And one interesting source is the human body. There are a few body parts in particular that have generated a lot of idioms. English has dozens of idioms just with the words “head” and “hands.” But there are idioms using all different parts of the body, and that’s what we’re going to learn about today.

在本课中, we’ll listen to a conversation between two friends and former colleagues: Maria and Trevor. They’re meeting for coffee and are eager to catch up after not seeing each other for a while. Maria and Trevor talk about their different work situations. 在他们谈话期间, 他们使用很多 英语成语 related to the human body. 看看你是否能在我们通过对话时发现其中的一些, 我们稍后会在汇报中解释它们.


1. How does Trevor agree with Maria’s assessment of her old boss Roger?
2. How does Maria describe her ten years of working at Trevor’s company?
3. What does Maria say about the attitude of the people she works with?

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商务英语新闻 51 – Energy Costs

商务英语新闻 51 - Energy Costs

在这 商务英语 我们看的新闻课 商务英语词汇 related to energy costs.

Consumers around the world are feeling the pinch as inflation bites. And it’s not just at the grocery store. Prices are going up across the board. A key factor driving this rampant inflation is the cost of energy, which impacts all industries and translates into even higher prices for the average consumer.

A global surge in wholesale power and gas prices means households across Europe face higher energy bills this year and beyond. In the worst-case scenario, many of the region’s most vulnerable are facing fuel poverty according to consumer groups. Prices started to rise above historical levels last September and have soared further this year.

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BEP 390 – 英语搭配: 网络营销 (2)

BEP 390 课 - 英语搭配: 网络营销 2

欢迎回到Business English Pod,今天的课程 商务英语搭配 用于在线讨论 营销.

电子商务世界竞争异常激烈. 每天有数以百万计的人在网上购物, 查看数百万个选项. 企业如何在竞争的海洋中脱颖而出? 他们如何确保潜在客户甚至可以找到他们的网站? 他们转向在线营销. 所以难怪有这么多时间, 能源, 以及投入营销和衡量绩效的资金.

如果您曾经与在线营销专家讨论过, 你会知道围绕它建立了一种全新的语言. 想想像“搜索引擎优化”这样的表达,”或搜索引擎优化. 这是我们称之为“搭配”的一种表达方式的一个很好的例子。

搭配只是一组词自然地组合在一起形成一个表情. 你已经听过我用了一些 英语搭配. 考虑“衡量绩效,“ 举个例子. 动词“measure”和名词“performance”经常自然地结合在一起. 通过看搭配,你可以一起学习单词, 不是孤立的.

在今天的对话中, 我们将重新加入爱德华多, 艾玛, 和尼尔, 为厨具零售商工作的人. 上次, 他们讨论了内容营销. 今天, 我们会听到他们谈论搜索引擎优化和一些衡量成功的方法. 在他们谈话期间, 他们使用许多英语搭配, 我们稍后会在汇报中解释.


1. 对话开始时, Eduardo 希望增加了什么?
2. 根据艾玛, 他们在什么方面投入了很多?
3. Neil 对他们的英文网站说了什么,而德文版本可能不是这样?

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