VV 20 – 项目管理: 规划过程 1

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欢迎回到 视频词汇. 这是该系列的两部分系列中的第一个 规划过程. 在这一集, 我们将专注于计划周期的开始阶段.

查看 VV 07VV 08 有关更多的词汇 项目管理.

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4 thoughts on “VV 20 – 项目管理: Planning Process 1

  1. I’ve just have discovered this website, and i love it !
    As i’m trying to perfect my english, these videos fit fully my objectives.
    It’s a very good job !

  2. i have to say these courses are awesome and definitly helpful for us career development…. so apppreciate your efforts !keep learning new stuff to fullfill my knowledge


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