VV 08 – 项目管理词汇 (部分 2)

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视频词汇 是一系列简短的视频,解释与日常业务对话中涉及的许多主题相关的重要业务术语的含义.

我们继续看 与项目管理有关的词汇 通过查看用于描述项目时间表的词语. 首先,我们会听一段简短的文章介绍这一主题,然后我们将详细讲解每个单词,并附上一些例句,以说明如何使用这些单词. 在视频结尾,您将有机会回顾练习新词汇的方法.

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7 thoughts on “VV 08 – 项目管理词汇 (部分 2)”

  1. it is great. The downside of it is that there is not an Ipod downloadable version of it as you made for the earlier version (n.1). I tried to download it but Ipod does not allow it so I cannot have a dedicated section of the P.M terms to listen to. Can you maybe make an audio MP3 as part one? Thanks and keep on this way. I am listenting to you constantly. 谢谢.

  2. Typos fixed Diana, thanks for pointing this out ;)

    Marco, you’ll be able to download an MP3 version for VV 08 from the Learning Center pages later this week. You can use iTunes ‘playlistfeature to quickly make a dedicated list of all the podcast (or which ones you choose) related to projects.

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  5. this is the most important website I have ever seen. 非常感谢. I hope through this website my english can be improved.


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