BEP 164 – 足球和足球成語 (部分 2)

This is the second in a two-part Business English Pod lesson on football and soccer idioms.

The World Cup kicks off in just a few days. That gives us some time to look at some more idioms related to football.

因為體育和商業是如此相似, it’s easy to see how there could be so many related idioms. 公司就像團隊; 員工就像球員. 想法就像被踢的球. 成功就像進球. 而且總是有很多競爭.

In the last lesson, 瑪麗蓮和卡爾, 一家出版公司的兩位同事, discussed Karl’s interest in a manager’s job at the firm’s Sydney branch. Karl isn’t completely sure it’s the right move for him and has asked for Marilyn’s feedback. 今天, 我們會聽到更多他們的談話, 當卡爾解釋他對申請的猶豫.


1. 卡爾的妻子對移居悉尼有何感想?
2. 為什麼卡爾感覺自己在欺騙自己的公司?
3. What advice does Marilyn give at the end of their conversation?

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