BEP 393 – English Idioms about Body Parts (1)

BEP 393 - English Idioms about Body Parts (1)

歡迎回到Business English Pod,今天的課程 英語成語 related to different parts of the body.

Now you probably already know that when I said “head over to” the website, I meant you should go look at the website. Even if you didn’t know that particular expression, you could probably guess the meaning from my sentence. “Head over tois a kind of idiom, and English has a lot of idioms, as you’ve probably noticed!

事實上, there are many common sources of idioms. And one interesting source is the human body. There are a few body parts in particular that have generated a lot of idioms. English has dozens of idioms just with the words “head” and “hands.” But there are idioms using all different parts of the body, and that’s what we’re going to learn about today.

在本課中, we’ll listen to a conversation between two friends and former colleagues: Maria and Trevor. They’re meeting for coffee and are eager to catch up after not seeing each other for a while. Maria and Trevor talk about their different work situations. 在談話中, 他們使用很多 英語成語 related to the human body. 看看你是否能在我們通過對話時發現其中的一些, 我們稍後會在匯報中解釋它們.


1. How does Trevor agree with Maria’s assessment of her old boss Roger?
2. How does Maria describe her ten years of working at Trevor’s company?
3. What does Maria say about the attitude of the people she works with?

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技能專長 360 – Keeping your Career on Track (2)

商務英語技能 360 - Keeping your Career on Track 2

歡迎回到 商務英語技能 360 podcast for today’s lesson on how to restart your career and keep it on track.

With the current job market being so uncertain, it’s a great opportunity to make a change, whether that means a new job in your current career track or a whole new career.

When considering a change, it’s important to think long and hard about what you really want to do. Be honest with yourself about how well your current job aligns with your ambitions. If you’re feeling unfulfilled, take the time to imagine what a more rewarding career might look like. If you’re not sure what that is, do some research and talk to people you know about what they do. The right job may be out there waiting for you, but you need to be able to recognize it.

When searching for a new job, don’t just focus on interests, 技能, and rewards. Think about the kind of workplace you want and what a good work-life balance looks like. It’s also important to consider learning opportunities and advancement potential. Smart companies understand that people are looking for the right culture fit as well as suitable compensation and benefits.

Once you’ve figured out what you want, it’s time to update your resume and prepare for interviews. Make sure to include any new training, 技能, and achievements. 記住, the world has changed, and digital literacy, collaboration, and a growth mindset are all important factors to consider. 也, review your online presence and make sure your Facebook privacy settings are tight and your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date.

總體, this is a great time to think about a job that does more than just pay the bills. Look for a job and culture that aligns with the life you want. With so many openings, it’s a golden opportunity to find the right job for you.

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技能專長 360 – Keeping your Career on Track (1)

商務英語技能 360 - Keeping your Career on Track 1

歡迎回到 商務英語技能 360 podcast for today’s lesson on keeping your career on track.

Today’s workplace looks pretty different from the one your parents toiled away in. Walk into an average office and you’ll immediately be struck by the fact that it only seems half full. Remote work – in one form or another – has become the norm. And the people themselves may look different. The baby boomers are retiring, and younger generations are entering the workforce, often with different values and expectations.

So now might be a good time to think about how your expectations have changed. How has your approach to your work and career evolved? Do you see yourself in a position to benefit from the current situation?

With the Great Resignation causing staffing shortages the world over, this is a great time to take stock of your career. You may be able to ask for more, whether that’s in salary, vacation time, benefits, or other intangibles. Competition for talent is stiff, and companies around the world are working hard to retain what they have.

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925 英語課 44 – Phrasal Verbs with Drop

925 英語課 44 - English Phrasal Verbs using Drop

歡迎回到 925 英語 關於英語短語動詞的另一節課. In today’s lesson we’re going to look at phrasal verbs using the verb “drop.”

As you may already know, a phrasal verb is an expression with a verb and a preposition. 例如, we say “turn on” and “turn off” a light or computer. From these common examples, you can see that one verb might combine with different prepositions to make different meanings. And in this lesson, we’ll look at how different prepositions combine with the verb “drop” to form some common expressions.

925 英語是一系列的 英文影片 初學者課程 (CEFR A2級). 用 925 你可以學的英語 商務英語 表達和短語動詞.

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BEP 392 – 項目管理英語: 確定項目範圍 (2)

BEP 392 - 項目管理英語: 確定項目範圍 2

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on pricing strategy. 這是一對教訓中的第二個 項目管理英語 並為客戶確定新工作的範圍.

每個項目都是自己的動物. 當然, 您可能會使用類似的工具和方法運行不同的項目, 或應用標準流程. 但是對於不同的客戶, 在不同的時間, 甚至輸入差異很小, 每個項目都不一樣. 這意味著定價不同.

Once you’ve talked with a client to clarify and nail down the project scope, 接下來發生什麼? 好, 客戶會想要紙上的東西——無論是完整的提案和投標還是簡單的報價. 他們會關注的最重要的事情之一就是價格. 所以作為一個團隊, 你需要找出一個策略來投標每個項目.

您的定價策略將取決於幾件事. 首先, 這將取決於您的能力和客戶對價值的看法. 然後你必須弄清楚你的出價策略, 這可能會從最低限度的可行產品向上發展. 或者您可以採用不同的方法,例如按小時定價. 在決定如何為您的出價定價時,您總是需要考慮無形資產.

在今天的對話中, 我們會聽到吉爾和馬丁, who work for a software development company. 他們正在為 Jill 已經確定範圍的項目制定定價策略. 他們正試圖為他們向客戶提出的兩個選項找出正確的方法.


1. 吉爾在談話中首先表達的擔憂是什麼?
2. 他們將如何引導客戶採用他們的替代方法?
3. 客戶的時間表將如何影響他們的定價策略?

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