BEP 163 – 足球和足球成語 (部分 1)

This Business English Pod lesson is the first in a two-part series on idioms that come from football, 或足球.

It’s almost time for the World Cup! And as we wait for the games to kick off, here’s a question for you: 您是否曾經停下來思考一下商務和體育之間有多少相似之處?

員工團隊作為團隊一起工作. 隊伍, 或公司, 互相競爭, 試圖贏得認可, 利潤, 或新客戶. 鑑於這些相似之處, 當我們談論商務和體育時,語言會相似也就不足為奇了. 許多不同的運動為英語帶來了成語。.

今天, our focus will be on football idioms. 當您聽對話時, 您可能會聽到一些新的短語. Remembering the relationship between business and sports may help you out. 當然, we’ll go over all of them in the debrief and you’ll have a chance to practice them, too.

We’ll be listening to Karl and Marilyn, two friends that work at a publishing firm. Karl is thinking about applying for a manager’s job at the company’s Sydney location. He’s not sure about it, though, 所以他問瑪麗蓮她在想什麼.


1. 卡爾為什麼要離開目前的工作?
2. What are two things Marilyn knows about the Sydney branch?
3. Karl聽說過悉尼分公司的情況?

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